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'Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.'
Philippians 4v6

Let me start off by saying, I am truly excited about what God is already doing since He placed me in the position of being both a Stockton Police Chaplain and a Stockton Police school Resource Chaplain.

God Himself is allowing me the privilege to work with the Stockton Police Officers and the students, staff and administration in the public schools in Stockton.

For 24/7 of everyday of the year, we have an awesome group of people serving the citizens of our community as police officers. There are times that these brave men and women see more of life's devastation in one shift than many people see in a lifetime.

What a privilege it is to ride a long on a ten hour shift with these fine servants, to listen to them, to be a support to them for any of their needs on or off the job, but most importantly, to allow them to see Jesus through us. As a Police Chaplain, we don't know when, where or what services we will be providing. But just as these officers are ready to serve our community, we are ready to serve each and every one of their needs.

As a Stockton Police School Resource Chaplain, I have many other responsibilities. Working with students, their families, staff and administration of the schools can be quite a challenge depending on what their needs are. One of the support programs we use in the schools for gang prevention is called is "Be a Hero." Instead of me talking about it, let me quote the principals of two of the schools the assembly were held in.

The Principle of AG Spanos, Mrs. Valtierra "Spanos Elementary had the great opportunity to have the "Be a Hero" assembly presented tour 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. What an impact it had on our students and staff.

Chaplain Bob shares a few stories about the young students that he has had the opportunity to work with. He discusses the success stories but also the tragedy that comes from a life of poor decision making. Chaplain Bob also brings home the message of how the gang life also negatively impacts the students' family. His message is somber but powerful.

"Be a Hero" brings a message and a motto that you can immediately implement within your school. I highly recommend this very powerful and engaging assembly."

The Principle of McKinley Elementary, Mrs. Abriz says "McKinley Elementary had the great opportunity to have the "Be a Hero" assembly presented to our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. The message was simple but powerful. Be a Hero and stand against bullying, stand against peer pressure, and stand against deterring elements within our society. This assembly was extremely influential, emotional and motivational to all students and staff.

Chaplain Bob is an instrumental resource to our community at McKinley School. Due to his efforts, this assembly was presented to our students at McKinley School. He was also a powerful messenger who shared a few stories about positive outcomes as he successfully influenced young people to make good choices in life. However, he also shared some more unfortunate stores of young people getting involved with gangs and/or drugs and the calamitous outcome of death or prison. His message was realistic and prevailing.

I highly recommend this assembly to all schools to provide a message of anti-bullying, believing in self, taking care of each other, and being a hero by displaying good character and making good choices."

Through these types of assemblies and more, God has opened the doors of the public school systems in Stockton, California to a hear a message of Hope that only He can bring into dark environments.

My challenge to you today and every day is for you do pray for the police officers in Stockton, California, and also in your own communities across the nation. Pray also for the Stockton Police School Resource Chaplains, that we will be effective in bringing the real message of Hope into the lives that we are able to minister to while on the school campuses.

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